Nagual Mexican tortillas

The original Mexican recipe

We love quality and innovation

At Nagual, we are leading distributors of Mexican products made using 100% natural processes. Our priorities are caring for the product, taking care of our customers and social and corporate sustainability.

We distribute Mexican products throughout Spain and Europe

Hundreds of restaurants, specialist stores and supermarkets in Spain and Europe already offer our authentic Mexican products. Ask for our catalogue and join our growing list of customers!

We are bringing Mexican cuisine to the people

We want to show that Mexican tortillas and street food go far beyond tacos and quesadillas. That’s why we’re highlighting the vast potential of day-to-day Mexican cuisine with delicious recipes.

¡NEW! Now on sale, our gluten-free soft tortillas!

Who said that soft tortillas had to be made with flour? Our Wrap’s Nagual are the perfect example of how you can enjoy a delicious burrito or sandwich wrap that is gluten and dairy free, meaning they’re completely suitable for vegans and people with coeliac disease. Our Wrap’s can be filled with chopped vegetables, salmon, cheese, chicken or beef… A perfect, health-conscious complement for anyone who wants to explore a fun and varied diet.

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