About Nagual

How it all started

Nagual Alimentación SL is a project that began in 2003 under the direction of Àngels Secanella and Ramón Andara, two enthusiasts of Mexican corn tortillas and their nutritional properties. After many years of making traditional tortillas at home, and following encouraging market research in the United States, they made their decision: introduce this delicious, nutritional food into Spanish and European cuisine, both in homes and in restaurant and retail establishments.

What defines us as a business?

The mission of Nagual Alimentación SL is to bring Mexican cuisine to homes and restaurants. We proudly offer corn tortillas and other nutritional products that are not only delicious but also suitable for all diets. Discover our antojitos (a healthy, crispy Mexican tortilla) and soft wraps, which are wheat-free and gluten-free.

Our continual commitment to innovation, quality in our products and their preparation, customer and consumer service and corporate responsibility (we encourage a work-life balance with part-time work days and a staff that is over 60% female) has brought us widespread praise.

Our journey

  • We begin making corn tortillas


  • We start distributing nationwide


  • We launch exports to Europe


  • We begin selling in large retail stores


  • We move into a factory building


  • We obtain the FACE seal


  • We win the PIMEC Award for most competitive company


  • We invest in new machinery and a new corporate image


  • We begin making antojitos


  • We obtain the ELS seal for gluten-free products


  • Our sales increase by 30% annually


  • We introduce our newest product, Wrap’s Nagual


  • We obtain the V-LABEL certification for vegan-friendly products


  • We move into a factory building with over 1,002 square meters of space


  • We obtain the IFS label


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Cooking with Nagual

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