The corn tortilla: our star product

The original Mexican tortilla

Corn tortillas are a native food of Mexico that are similar to bread and made from thin, round and flat nixtamalized corn dough (made with lime to create a more nutritious food and fortified with nutrients such as calcium and potassium). Just like bread in Europe, corn tortillas have always been the essential food of the Mexican people and a staple in their day-to-day diet.

And what about wheat tortillas?

Wheat tortillas are prepared using bread dough without yeast and are characteristic of the regions with most influence from the United States (northern states such as Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Sonora and Baja California). Some theories claim that they are a version of the pita, which was introduced by Spanish Sephardic Jews into northern Mexico and southern United States. Typically, corn tortillas are smaller and folded when eaten, almost always by hand. They don’t soak up any juices and are used for making tacos.

The European consumer tends to prefer the authentic corn tortilla, which is both more tasty and healthier. As producers of corn tortillas, we are happy that this is the case.

Cook them however you like!


Preheat the oven to 180º and wrap the tortillas in aluminium foil, placing them in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Frying pan or grill

When the surface is very hot, place the tortillas on top, 10 seconds on each side.


Wrap the tortillas in a clean cloth and heat them on high for 20 seconds.


Place the tortillas in the toaster on medium heat for 30 seconds. Then, enjoy!

The perfect addition!

Low-calorie diet

Corn tortillas are a delicious snack or a fantastic accompaniment for light dinners. You can eat them with low-fat cheese and tomato, salmon and lettuce or make grilled chicken tacos. It’s always a good idea to have a packet on hand.

Gluten-free diets

Since they’re made with corn, they contain no gluten and are an ideal source of carbohydrates in diets for people with coeliac disease. They’re easy to digest and make for an exquisite breakfast, snack or substitute for bread with any meal.

Vegetarian and vegan diets

The tortillas contain no egg, lactose or any other ingredient of animal origin, making them the perfect addition for vegetarians and vegans. They can be used in delicious raw-vegan recipes with beans, tofu, vegetables, etc.

Did you know?

There is evidence that the Mexican tortilla dates back thousands of years, close to when corn was first grown in the region (corn is native to this part of the world). When the Spanish arrived, it was already a crucial part of the Mesoamerican diet. In fact, there is a saying in Mexico that goes “we are people of the corn and corn is of the people”. It’s no wonder that the corn tortilla is widely considered the authentic Mexican tortilla. It is estimated that each Mexican consumes 80 kilos of tortillas annually.

Nagual corn tortillas

At Nagual, we prepare our corn tortillas with top-quality ingredients. We start with traditional nixtamalized corn dough and use machinery that is imported directly from Mexico, applying processes that are being continually innovated to obtain a food product that is both highly nutritious and as natural as possible. Our tortillas have a marvellous flavour and a soft, flexible consistency, just like they’ve always been made in Mexico.

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