Mexican food wholesale

Without Mexican products, there is no Mexican food

The authenticity of Mexican and fusion cuisine, as well as the authenticity of the products lining the shelves of specialist stores and distributors, depends fundamentally on the ability to offer a genuine, high quality product.

At Nagual, we sell gourmet Mexican products that act as a quality guarantee for restauranteurs’ menus across Spain and Europe. Additionally, to complete our catalogue for the HORECA and take-home channels, we offer a wide range of Mexican products for import: salsas, chilies, beans… Contact us for more information.

Our corn tortillas

Our corn tortillas: Corn tortillas are the stars of Mexican cuisine and an absolute must in any restaurant, specialist store or Mexican products section. You can’t have a proper taco without them because they’re small and resilient (they don’t soak up liquid or juices from food). Also, since they don’t contain gluten or products of animal origin and are free of allergens and GMOs, they are suitable for a wide range of diets, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, among others.

Why choose Nagual Mexican products?

  • Top-quality ingredients
  • High nutritional value and great flavour
  • 100% authentic Mexican preparation
  • European seals of quality

Over 2,500 establishments already choose Nagual

We offer our brand’s products to distributors and large retail stores, guaranteeing a successful introduction of Mexican food for vendors at their points of sale. Over 2,500 establishments in the retail channel already call themselves our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Contact us to place an order

Contact our sales department to enquire about our special offers for Nagual tortillas in the HORECA channel and get to know our full catalogue of gourmet Mexican food.

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