Mexican tostadas: our Antojitos Nagual

A healthy and delicious fast food

Antojitos Nagual are the genuine mexican tostadas, known popularly as antojitos, which are yellow nixtamalized crispy corn tortillas that are oven-baked to perfection. They are an easy, healthy fast food and are found throughout Mexico in all sorts of establishments, especially in outdoor settings. Enjoy them with chicken or beef, refried beans, shredded cheese, avocado and pico de gallo (tomato, onion and jalapeño). They can’t be folded and are generally eaten with your hands.

Prepare them however you like!

Mexican tostadas are becoming more and more popular because they allow for an endless combination of ingredients and are suitable for vegans and people with coeliac disease or other allergies. Do you fancy a snack? They go perfect with avocado and tomato. How about a light dinner? Try them with hummus or cream cheese and salmon for a delicious meal! Want to treat yourself? Why not try them with a scrumptious mix of tuna, boiled egg and mayonnaise?

Nagual Mexican Antojitos

Nagual is the first Spanish company to produce and distribute these natural and delicious crispy Mexican corn tortillas. Nagual Mexican antojitos are prepared daily with non-GMO, nixtamalized yellow corn flour. They are traditionally prepared using a careful selection of ingredients that guarantee a top-quality product. They are slow baked in the optimal temperature and humidity, without oils or additives—a healthy, natural and light delicacy.

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We are leaders in the distribution of authentic Mexican tostadas to Mexican restaurants, large retail stores and specialised stores.

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