Wrap tortillas: Nagual’s soft tortillas

Not all soft tortillas are made with wheat

The popularisation of burritos (with the filling wrapped in a large tortilla made typically from wheat) in the north of Mexico has given rise to a never-ending variety of sandwiches and wraps. Some think that soft tortillas can only be made with wheat, but our tortillas are made with a blend of gluten-free grains and vegetables, without any ingredients of animal origin, that offer endless wrap possibilities. This way, people with coeliac disease who prefer larger tortillas can enjoy experimenting with our soft tortillas.

Perfect for wraps!

Soft tortillas are perfect for holding common sandwich fillings, such as chicken or beef, salmon or shrimp, pico de gallo, cheese, mushrooms, bacon and other condiments like mustard, mayonnaise and honey. They are also ideal for fusion recipes, such as shawarma with lamb or falafel, or vegan preparations with lentils, tofu, beans, tomato and much more. Wraps are fantastic for putting together lovely breakfasts, light and healthy lunches or dinners and delicious snacks.

Wrap's Nagual

Wrap’s Nagual are innovative, flexible tortillas made without wheat that are suitable for vegans and people with coeliac disease because they contain no gluten or animal-based products. They are made with cornmeal, tapioca, potato, rice flour and bamboo fibre, among other carefully selected ingredients, following an artisan-inspired process. Our wraps are truly a delicious, first class product.

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We are leaders in the distribution of wrap tortillas to Mexican restaurants, large retail stores and specialised stores.

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